Corporate Packages

Would you like your team to be healthier, happier and more productive? Would you like a lower staff turnover due to stress at work? Would you like staff to have fewer sick-days and more focus?

Stress at work is the leading cause of absenteeism; when not managed effectively, costing the whole organisation in terms of productivity, morale and profitability.

Inspired Wellbeing works with organisations, companies and Schools such as Nottingham Girls School, Capital One and Novozymes to provide stress management workshops, weekly yoga and mindfulness classes and onsite massage, helping employees to feel healthier, happier and more motivated. Typically the only requirement is clearing a space large enough to facilitate the treatment or class.

Wellbeing is offered either on a stand-alone session, weekly or bi-weekly, monthly arrangement. Please get in touch for more information and how we can make a significant difference to the wellbeing of your organisation.


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