Hypnotherapy focuses the mind through natural, deep relaxation, leaving you calm, in control and empowered to change deep-seated, negative beliefs and behaviours.

This life enhancing practice can be applied to bring fast, effective long-lasting change in a wide range of areas, including weight-loss, anxiety, addictions, career, work/life balance, limiting beliefs and more.

Chanel’s extensive experience, qualifications and deep understanding of human behaviour have enabled her to guide clients through extraordinary life transformations. Her unique approach draws upon several disciplines of mind and body, enabling her to dig deep, identify core limiting beliefs – the root cause of many emotional and physical issues – and begin a process of profound change. Perhaps you are ready to feel more confident and assertive, to smash through your existing limitations and, at long last, to succeed.

Two sessions are required. The first is to connect with you on a personal level, as research shows the therapeutic relationship accounts for 35% of treatment success. Also, the therapist will want to understand your own language patterns and frame of reference to your situation to devise a completely tailored-made treatment specific to your individual needs. The second session is to carry out the more in-depth treatment for effective change.

Initial assessments are £25 for 1 hour. Followed by a treatment session at £35 for 1 hour from our Long Eaton office.

Please get in touch for enquiries and bookings – Chanel 07780997855 or email info@inspiredwellbeing.co.uk

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